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Why Work At AI Hedge?

" We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? " by Steve Jobs


1. About Us

AI Hedge is focused on understanding how the world works. By having an understanding of the global economy and financial markets, we use AI technology to analyze the financial market and transform our analysis into great portfolios and strategic partnerships with institutional clients and private equity funds.

2. Company Vision

  • Be innovative with suitable technologies.
  • Create value for our customers.
  • Lower risk substantially through real-time analysis.
  • Going global.

Job Openings.

Careers at AI Hedge.

We have a spectrum of career opportunities for individuals with the right skills.

Python Engineer

Develop python scripts for data collection and analytical purposes. Data includes stock prices and cryptocurrency prices.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

React.js Crypto Engineer

Front-end payment wallet engineer and React.js engineer.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Chat Bot and Node.js intern

Develop Software Bot using Node.js, especially Messanger and Line.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Node.js/React.js Comunity Developer Front-end development community volunteers

Node.js/React.js community engineer
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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