Executive Summary

version 1.0 2021-08-26

Our mission is to bring various AI Trading Strategies built in-house or by alliance to the public through our Dapp.

This project has two stages.

First is the AI Bot that learns from data and learns to trade automatically and continues to learn from incoming new data.

The second part of the project is to build a Dapp that serves as a wallet and enables the masses to invest and withdraw their cryptocurrencies, such as USDT or ETH by using the Dapp.

All the transactions of cryptocurrencies flow are on the chain so there is no dispute of the flow of cryptocurrencies that are being deposited. Besides, all the investments (we call it strategy from now) prices are stored in Oracle, so every up and down are clearely shown like regular stock market or fund. A fee is consumed everytime a user tries to make an investment and it is the secondary source of income to support and maintain this Dapp.

The concept is simple but is difficult to implement due to the treacherous nature of cryptocurrency and the US stock market. But we are able to integrate new strategies from the alliance into our Dapp so that the system can be continuously run forever as long as there are smart, talented, and insightful traders who are willing to join in. And in fact, there are many of them scattered all around the world waiting to be found.


We believe the convergence of decentralized finance, especially in the investment vertical, and decentralized finance (DeFi), will unlock billions of dollars in value that we intend to capture as part of the AI Hedge Dapp and ecosystem.

To get there, we will bring blockchain-enabled commerce and finance to the masses. We will continue to improve AI hedge products to enable new killer use cases that are only made possible by cryptocurrency technologies. To start, we will take advantage of Ethereum Smart Contracts to build new commerce experiences that cannot be replicated on incumbent platforms like Shopify, Amazon, or Alibaba.

In 2020 alone, over billions of cryptocurrencies changed hands, with most of that occurring over recent years. The rate of growth in new Ethereum technologies such as NFT further boots trade volume and the rate of innovation in the space is exponential. Top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Uniswap have already gotten involved for quite some time, and everyone from Andreessen Horowitz to the New York Times is investing in or commenting on Ethereum products such as smart contracts and NFTs. There are also game changers such as Polkastarter have the potential to disrupt the venture capital industry. Smart Contract and AI both represent a massive disruptive opportunity that can touch virtually every aspect of global investment opportunity.

In addition, we will make it dead simple for mainstream consumers to participate in the DeFi investment strategy and We can add yield-earning strategies when we gather more momentum. Investors and lenders should be earning yields at 10 to 20 times (10–20%) what is offered currently by traditional banking systems. Furthermore, this all needs to happen in frictionless and easy ways that are in stark contrast to the product experiences of today’s first-generation DeFi app.

Cryptocurrency transactions and mini-batch investments need to be made far simpler than they are today. We need to propagate cryptocurrency investment and payment rails that are superior to existing traditional credit cards and mobile payments that rely on fiat currencies and centralized systems.

To realize our vision, we will continue to develop and grow the AI Hedge Dollar (AIUSD) as a critical DeFi building block and money lego that is highly composable. We anticipate millions of users to be using applications powered by AIUSD in the next few years without necessarily even realizing they are using an underlying DeFi product.

AI Hedge Products

We have a roadmap to develop several products in order to achieve our goal.

Please check out our Blog for detailed research log and process update

  • [ Status: Complete ] Automated trading Bot integrated with major crypto exchanges (Binance, Kraken) and US stock exchange (Alpaca).
  • [ Status: Alpha ] Backtesting and simulation environment to automate training and evaluation of strategy for both development and production mode.
  • [ Status: Alpha ] AI Bot Core v2 (StockTradingEnv_v2) is the brain of our bot that learns and execute trades automatically. We imporved on v1 to make it more robust and it is able to runs massively parallel simulation (4096 sub-env at the same time)
  • [ Status: Alpha ] Portfolio optimization with Quantum Computing technology
  • [ Status: Active development ] Dapp wallet for depositing cryptocurrencies for investment or withdrawal. This project is executed by our frontend team concurrently.
  • [ Status: Pending ] Smart contract integration of more strategies from various smart and talented people who actively developing and maintaining profitable strategies
  • [ Ststus: Pending ] AIUSD will be created to as building block to participate in industrial transaction.

The first significant wave of users of decentralized investment applications will be those seeking experiences or products they cannot get from existing alternatives. Many of these early users will be crypto natives.

AI Hedge Story

We are a small team founded in the year 2019 when COVID-19 was about to start. We only had very limited time to start our project.

AI Hedge Token

A Token will be created to raise funds and at the same time will be required by participants to stack the token up in order to join the investment strategy in the DAPP. But we are at the stage of getting in touch with angel investors and venture capital to kickstart the AI Art token. ' We will be starting our fund raising at Polkastarter if everything goes smoothly.

Founding Team

AI Hedge was founded by Hamilton and Joyce, two successful entrepreneurs who created an crypto-currency exchange in 2013 and very a profitable online e-commerce air ticket website that successful generated 10M revenue sale starting from zero in 3 year with a team of 6 people and who have worked together on multiple businesses in the past. They were joined by founding engineers Serena and Emily. Serena and Emily are gifted students from top schools in USA and Taiwan. Serena has been coding since she was 10 and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011 and the development and creation of Litecoin.

Last but not least

This lite paper will be updated periodically to update our potential members, investors and interest parties. This is to update them as promtly as possible about agenda, goal and current status of the whole prpject. Building a smart AI trading bot is hard but not impossible.